Museum visitors were allowed to touch the “breast” to “feel” the signs of cancer

This was done to draw attention to the diseaseAt the Spanish-American Art Museum of Isaac Fernandez Blanco in Buenos Aires, an action was held during which visitors could touch the exhibits, or rather the chest depicted on them. The purpose of the exhibition was to draw attention to breast cancer. Discuss felt “signs of cancer” alt=”Museum visitors were allowed to touch “breasts” to “feel” signs of cancer” Museum visitors were given to touch “breasts” to “feel” cancer signs of cancer />

Visitors were allowed to feel the heroines of classical paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Raphael. They were supposed to find signs of breast cancer there: bumps, deformed skin, or swollen lymph nodes. who said that women in paintings by Rembrandt “Bathsheba with a letter from King David”, Rubens “Three Graces” and Raphael “Fornarina” depicted potential signs of breast cancer. This is interesting, since the pictures were drawn from life. “For centuries, neither the depicted women, nor the artists, nor the thousands of visitors who have seen works of art, could recognize the symptoms. We wanted this exhibition to help raise awareness of the importance of recognizing the symptoms we need to pay attention to,” the museum explained.