Instead of Rutube: In Russia, they proposed to create a new analogue of YouTube

The idea was voiced by an expert IT expert, chief developer of the Kremlin website Artyom Geller expressed the opinion that instead of Rutube in Russia, another service should be created to compete with YouTube. DiscussInstead of Rutube: Russia proposes to create a new YouTube analogue

According to Geller, Rutube was supposed to become a full-fledged competitor and replacement for YouTube, but this did not happen. He noted that the product strategy of the current management of Russian video hosting and the entire leadership that has been there all the time has not brought results.

The expert also said that Rutube could not stand the competition with YouTube, and no matter how much money was poured into it, nothing special happened.

In this regard, the expert believes that it is necessary to create a Russian analogue of YouTube, but different from Rutube, since it should not be different from the American service, but be the same.

Rutube was created as a different platform, with different goals, in order to survive in this competitive environment. Now the input has changed and you need to act differently.

Artyom GellerIT expert, creator of the Kremlin website