How Cancer Tricks Our Cells

“That's not what we were looking for” Cancer can trick an important component of our immune system and bring down our natural defenses against solid tumors, scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center say. techlife/” class=”PfUsGslq” title=”How Cancer Tricks Our Cells” alt=”How Cancer Tricks Our Cells” How Cancer Tricks Our Cells />

They identified the T subgroup -cells that are found in large numbers in head and neck tumors, but not in similar tissues of the oral cavity, inflamed in such common diseases as periodontal disease. It appears that this strange group of T cells have confused their highly specialized functions in our immune system and are now working to protect tumor cells. why advanced immunotherapies that work against blood cancers are less effective against solid tumors (such as breast, prostate, kidney, and colon cancers) that cause most cancer deaths. Researchers say this points the way for future drugs that could strip them of that protection, allowing current treatments to work better for more people.

“Oddly enough, we this is not what they were trying to find, ”said one of the authors of the work. “We were just interested in the general question of how the tumor environment differs from normal inflammation. It's like you're not looking for treasure, but then you stumble upon it.”

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