Herpes called the cause of diabetes

At least two strains of this virus, two common herpesviruses, have been linked to prediabetes in a new study by researchers in Germany. The results add to the growing body of evidence linking viral infections with the development of chronic diseases. Discuss 'Herpes was named the cause of diabetes' Herpes was named the cause of diabetes occurrence of type 2 diabetes. To do this, the researchers analyzed data from a long-term medical study that included several thousand people over seven years. after few years. In almost seven years of follow-up, 360 people were found to have developed signs of prediabetes. Among those who developed prediabetes, infection with two herpesviruses, herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) and cytomegalovirus (CMV), was frequently found. : Those infected were 59 percent more likely to develop prediabetes. While those infected with CMV were 33 percent more likely to develop prediabetes.

The researchers clearly state that their current result is only a preliminary observational association. However, these new findings suggest that certain types of herpesviruses may play a role.

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