Is it safe to charge different smartphones with the same device


Or is it better to buy something for everyone? Now, not all manufacturers put a charger in the box with the phone. In addition, for any device, you can easily purchase a “non-native” charger. But how safe is it to charge different smartphones with it? Answered by user. Discuss Is it safe to charge different smartphones with the same device

In fact, you can charge your smartphone with any charger. The most important thing is that the connectors match. However, sometimes this can cause very slow charging speeds.

USB Type-C is now the most commonly used connector. This type is considered universal and is able to maintain high throughput. True, there is also, for example, an iPhone with a Lightning connector.

The manufacturer always advises using only the original device to charge the smartphone. This is explained by the fact that such charging is best suited to the characteristics of the phone's battery. It is also of higher quality than inexpensive counterparts, which can affect not only the battery, but the entire gadget as a whole. In addition, the “native” charger has a good cable with low resistance.

Is it safe to charge with the same device different smartphones

You need to choose charging depending on the required power. Moreover, if the device has limitations, then when choosing a more powerful charge, nothing will change much: the smartphone simply will not be able to “take” more than the manufacturer provided.

As for fast charging , this function is not available in all devices. Moreover, if you want to use it, then you need to pay attention when buying a charger to the features of the fast charging protocol. There are a lot of varieties of them, and sometimes they are designed for a specific manufacturer. For example, Quick Charge will not charge smartphones that are designed for Oppo Vooc or Pump Express as quickly.

It is important to pay attention to the charging cable as well. It may simply not support some protocols. Therefore, before buying, you should study the specification of the device.