The doctor explained why people with the omicron strain need coolness

To avoid spasmPulmonologist Sergey Puryasev told what is the peculiarity of coughing with the Omicron coronavirus strain and what to do to get rid of this condition. DiscussDoctor explains why people with Omicron strain need coolness< p class="jsx-4044922054">According to the specialist, in the case of the omicron strain, the cough is caused not by sputum, but by catarrhal inflammation, i.e. inflammation of the mucosa itself. Therefore, coughing does not bring relief, as is usually the case with other respiratory diseases. To fight such a cough, strong anti-inflammatory drugs, inhalations are needed to relieve tension from the mucous membrane, swelling. The doctor also explained that it is important not just to be treated, but to establish the necessary life: humidify the air in the room, ventilate regularly. and cool. This is important because the cool air in the room prevents the development of bronchospasm and spasmodic cough. “You need to moisturize the mucous membrane, because it is tense, dry. We must try to ventilate more so that the air is fresh, moisten the battery, put humidifiers in the rooms. It is important that the air temperature in the room is cool and there is no dryness,” the doctor advised. Before making a decision, consult with a specialist.