Ransomware virus encrypts 100,000 files on a computer in a few minutes

At the same time, most likely, attackers have much more time. Splunk specialists infected computers with 10 samples from 10 popular ransomware families in order to determine the most dangerous of them. DiscussRansomware virus encrypts 100,000 files on a computer in a few minutes

Viruses infected computers running Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 with almost 100 thousand test files.

The fastest was a virus from the LockBit family: it managed to encrypt all 53 GB of data on a Windows Server 2019 computer in just 4 minutes 9 seconds. The average encryption time was 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

Ransomware virus encrypts 100 thousand files on your computer in a few minutes

Experts came to concluded that most of these programs would take less than an hour to encrypt 53 GB of data once deployed. However, it is likely that attackers will stay online longer to try to compromise as many systems as possible and figure out what data they can access.

Splunk Lead Security Expert Ryan Kovar says this research suggests that companies and organizations should work harder to avoid ransomware infections rather than focusing on at work with the consequences of such incidents.