16-year-old leader of a hacker group will not be allowed to use a computer by his parents

An embarrassing end to a career Recently, the London police announced that they had arrested seven teenagers associated with the hacker group Lapsus$. The media write that its leader was a 16-year-old teenager from London. He managed to “earn” a lot of money, but now his parents are dealing with him. Discuss groups parents will not allow to sit at the computer” alt=”16-year-old leader of the hacker group parents will not sit at the computer” 16-year-old leader of the hacker group parents will not sit at the computer />

Hacker was exposed on one thematic sites after a quarrel with business partners. They revealed his name, address and social media photos. According to former partners, the guy managed to “earn” 300 bitcoins, or about $14 million.

The hacker's parents said they were not even aware of their son's hobby. They thought that the guy was just very good at computers and playing games. The adults promised that they would no longer allow their son to use the computer.

The Lapsus$ hacker group has previously claimed responsibility for attacks on NVIDIA, Samsung, Ubisoft, Okta and Microsoft.