Why cats behave so strangely: ten habits and their explanation

TJ writes about this. Cat owners often notice oddities in the behavior of their pets. User TJ described and explained some of these features.DiscussWhy cats behave so strangely: ten habits and their explanation

Each animal has its own habits. This also applies to cats. Some pet habits are actually considered completely normal, even if the owners themselves do not think so. These habits are discussed below.

  1. Rolling on the floor. This is a signal that the cat feels safe. Perhaps it also indicates the desire of the pet to attract your attention. Another explanation for this behavior is the desire of the animal to “mark” the territory with its smell.
  1. Raising the tail and substituting the priests. This action tells other cats that the animal also feels safe. In fact, such strangeness can be compared with hugs or kisses when greeting a friend. In response, you just need to stroke or scratch your pet where he likes the most.
  1. Leaving faeces unburied. A cat can do this to show its relatives that the tray is its territory.
  1. Covering food. If a cat, after eating some of the treat, covers the bowl, then this may be a manifestation of instinct. Wild cats do this to protect their food.
  1. Eating plastic. This refers to, for example, packages. Kittens may do this because they are teething, and adult cats may do this if they like the taste of the bag for some reason. But you need to understand that plastic is dangerous for pets: it can lead to suffocation or intestinal obstruction.

Why cats act so strangely: 10 habits and their explanation

  1. Eating grass. In this way, cats can get the necessary trace elements.
  1. Smile. This signal is intended for other cats.
  1. Wink. If the pet blinks slowly, it means that he is as comfortable as possible with you. You can try to communicate with the cat in the same way, slowly closing and opening your eyes.
  1. Warming up the paws. Adult cats extend and retract their claws when they feel content and happy. Also, such a “warm-up” allows you to highlight the smell of the animal and thus designate its territory, it can also be performed before and after mating, during the hunt – before the attack.
  1. Interrupt phone calls. If a pet interferes with talking on the phone, reading, typing, this indicates his desire for you to pay attention to him.

Source: TJ