Revealed the fate of the ISS

When will the last days of the station's life come? It became known when the International Space Station will be flooded into the ocean.DiscussISS Fate Revealed

NASA has released a report on the operation of the ISS. It says that the station will “live” until 2030. In January 2031, the ISS will be removed from low Earth orbit, then it will enter the Earth's atmosphere. The wreckage of the station will have to fall into the uninhabited zone of the South Pacific near Point Nemo. This is the name of the conditional area that is the most distant from any land on Earth. This is an international project. 14 countries participate in it. Russia intends to use its segment of the station until 2024. At the same time, Roskosmos has already begun construction of the national orbital station (at least it claims so).

Source: TJ