In the United States created a drone with propellers invented by Leonardo da Vinci

And it still flewA group of engineering students from the University of Maryland in the USA developed a drone with a helical design, proposed by the legendary Leonardo da Vinci back in the 15th century. DiscussThe US created a drone with propellers invented by Leonardo da Vinci< p class="jsx-349690625">The development was based on Archimedean screws, which were known in Antiquity and were used to move water. But Leonardo da Vinci proposed to create an aircraft based on these propellers.

The plans of the medieval artist were never realized, but they were realized by students from Maryland. They first developed a series of computer simulations and then tested 3D-printed prototypes of a quadcopter drone called the Crimson Spin. However, the drone took off. The propellers make a sound similar to a working drill, the car can take off and move over short distances.

In the future, the developers hope to create a drone with such propellers that can transport people.

Source: cnet