Which countries have the slowest internet?

Says the company VAS Experts on “Habré” Even today there are states in which the film is downloaded for several hours. And some of them belong to developed countries. Read more in the article.DiscussWhich countries have the slowest internet

Nearly 3 billion people worldwide are now “cut off” from the Internet. Also, for example, in North Korea, residents use the intranet – Kwangmyong.

The state with the slowest Internet today is Turkmenistan: the average data transfer rate there is 0.5 Mbps. Of the other countries on this list – Afghanistan with 1.41 Mbps, Tajikistan with 1.82 Mbps, Pakistan with 2.82 Mbps.

Developed countries also have territories with slow internet. For example, in USA (California, 3 Mbps), Germany (village two hours from Berlin, no broadband internet, i.e. traffic is on a 30-year telephone line), Spain, France.

Which countries have the slowest internet

Why is everything so slow? This is explained by the peculiarities of the infrastructure and the cost of its construction. That is, it is unprofitable for providers to offer their services where several dozen people will use the Internet: for example, in villages.

In some cases, the complexity comes from geographic location. For example, this is the case with the Philippines, which is located on several scattered islands. The slow Internet in this country is also explained by the fact that there are only two providers there. Due to the fact that many began to work from home, the burden on providers has increased. For example, in New York, the average download speed decreased by 24 percent, in San Jose – by 38 percent.

Source: Habr