Is it possible to create a computer with human-like intelligence

The user of “Habr” explains There are several important differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. A programmer told about them on Habré. Discuss “Is it possible to create a computer with human-like intelligence” Is it possible to create a computer with human-like intelligence />

According to the author, man and machine are united by the very fact that they react to events. But there are animals and people react to stimuli, then machines react to signals from the periphery. Moreover, if artificial intelligence suddenly receives some signal, then the execution of the previous program is interrupted, and then the machine returns to it again. It’s not so with a person: if something distracted him, then he returns to the past business (to reading a book, if he had received a call before), if he “has a persistent irritant.”

Also, human behavior is quite unpredictable, it is associated with adaptation to the surrounding reality. In general, human behavior is a response to something, the expert emphasizes.

Is it possible to build a computer with human-like intelligence

The machine has a different logic. If it were necessary to create human-like behavior, then there would be no return to previous actions. In general, all the actions of artificial intelligence would be planned, but a person may not plan at all how he will act in a given situation, and decide everything according to the circumstances.

It is possible to create a human-like memory. At the same time, a person has unconditioned reflexes, on the basis of which conditional ones are formed. And already on the basis of conditional ones – in the presence of quick feedback, new ones will be formed. In a computer (electronic computer), this can be done by embedding various calls to interrupt handlers (information about errors, exceptions).

However, according to the author, it is impossible to create a complete analogue of human intelligence and implement it in digital devices. In addition, the human intellect does not obey any deterministic algorithms at all. Therefore, it cannot be described in a programming language either.

Source: Habr