Why is it good to take a short nap?

Scientists have proven Scientists from the University of Paris have found that taking a nap can be useful for solving creative problems. If you sleep even a few minutes, some things will be easier. Discuss taking a short nap is good” Why taking a short nap is good />

The authors of the study became interested in a technique attributed to the inventor Thomas Edison. It was said about him that the inventor settled down to rest in comfortable chairs, holding two steel balls in his hands. When Edison began to fall asleep, he dropped the balls. They fell and woke him up. After this, Thomas wrote down the thoughts that came during a nap.

Scientists decided to conduct an experiment. They asked subjects to solve many similar problems. These tasks could be simplified if you notice one pattern. After attempting a solution, the volunteers were given 20 minutes to rest. Many fell asleep while resting. 24 of those who fell asleep reached the first phase of N1 superficial sleep. They woke up from the loud sound of the falling bottle, which they held in their hands.

It turned out that volunteers who took a nap in phase N1 were 2.7 times more likely to find a way to simplify their work. They only needed one minute of sleep.

Source: Naked Science