How much more will the price of technology rise in 2022

The shortage will not end The RIA Novosti edition interviewed experts and found out how much smartphones, laptops and TVs will cost in 2022. We shouldn't expect price cuts. Discuss technology will rise in price in 2022″ How much more will technology become more expensive in 2022 Analysts believe that the situation will not change this year. There is a shortage of raw materials, components, production costs have increased, high demand for electronics has created a shortage. As Maria Dolgova, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Prices at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, noted, we should not forget about the depreciation of the ruble.

Experts say that some price reduction is expected now TVs, but not much and not for long. Daniil Shepovalov, an IT expert, a specialist in the field of technical analysis, believes that gadgets will rise in price by another 20-30% in 2022. Specifically, smartphones will increase in price by 16-18%, laptops and computer equipment – by 15%.

Source: RIA Novosti