British scientists: COVID-19 disrupts the transfer of gases in the human lungs

Now more research is needed Abnormalities have been found in the lungs of long-term coronavirus patients that could provide a potential explanation for why some people experience shortness of breath long after the initial infection. /news/techlife/” class=”PfUsGslq” title=”British scientists: COVID-19 impairs gas transport in human lungs” alt=”British scientists: COVID-19 impairs gas transport in human lungs” British scientists: COVID-19 disrupts gas transport in the human lung />

A recent study used a specialized MRI imaging technique in which patients inhale xenon gas while lying in a scanner. This way you can see how the gas moves from the lungs into the bloodstream, which gives an idea of ​​​​how the lungs function. CT scan results, people hospitalized with covid more than three months ago and not suffering from a long course of the disease, and a healthy control group. from the lungs to the blood, even if other tests are normal. Similar violations have been found in patients with covid who were hospitalized with a more severe form of the disease. Before making a decision, consult with a specialist.

Source: The Guardian