New technology to make cameras cheaper

From Panasonic Panasonic announced the development of a new lens molding technology. It will be used for mass production of far infrared aspherical lenses that will improve camera performance and, most importantly, reduce their cost.DiscussNew technology will make cameras cheaper

The new lenses are made of chalcogenide glass, which has “excellent transmission characteristics in the far infrared.” In addition, no glue is used in the production of products.

The company is already ready to supply lenses in different sizes: from φ3 mm to φ40 mm. Panasonic's new technology is said to cut the cost of camera lenses in half.

It is worth noting that, according to analysts, digital camera sales have been declining in recent years. It is believed that this is influenced by the proliferation of smartphones with good cameras, suitable even for professional shooting.

Source: Gizmochina