Intel promised to solve the crisis with its video cards

Will produce millions of GPUs per yearIntel Senior Vice President and Chief Architect Raja Koduri responded to an open letter from PC Gamer asking for a solution to the ongoing problem with graphics card prices.DiscussIntel promised to solve the crisis with its graphics cards

On the market now The GPU is in a real crisis. The lack of components, the rise in the cost of cryptocurrency and remote work have all contributed to the shortage of video cards in recent years. Now video cards, if available, are at absurd prices.

At the same time, the future third player in the Intel GPU market is suspiciously silent about its discrete Arc graphics cards. The company did not provide any new information at CES 2022. Exactly when the new models will go on sale is unclear.

But Intel has big plans. Raja Koduri stated that the company will ship millions of Arc GPUs to gamers annually. This should have a positive impact on the market and partly solve the crisis.

Source: Videocardz