Spotify users boycotted the service

Due to “anti-vaccination propaganda” Recently, musician Neil Young removed his music from Spotify in protest of the fact that the service is hosting a podcast episode of comedian Joe Rogan with an interview with an anti-vaccination virologist. Now regular Spotify users are demanding that their subscriptions be canceled and their accounts deleted. Discuss ” alt=”Spotify users boycott the service” Spotify users boycott the service believes them.” This was followed by massive complaints from users. Some even demanded that the service cancel the subscription and delete the account.

Because of this, today, January 28, Spotify temporarily suspended the support service. Employees of the company cannot help with the cancellation of the subscription, but users complain that they cannot do it themselves.

Apple took advantage of this scandal to promote Apple Music. The company created a separate category in the service “We love Neil” and sent out a push notification about the presence of the musician's tracks on the platform.

Source: DTF