The doctor listed the symptoms of the omicron strain that are dangerous for children

These are breathing and heart problemsPaediatrician Anna Levadnaya named the most life-threatening symptoms in severe cases of the omicron strain in children. DiscussThe doctor listed the symptoms of the omicron strain dangerous for children

As emphasized doctor, the most dangerous are respiratory and heart failure. Breastfed babies may scream and refuse to eat, and older children may complain of a tight feeling in the chest, and children may change the color of their nails, skin, and lips. In the most severe form of Omicron, the child may be lethargic and even lose consciousness.

According to Levadnaya, the reasons for such forms of the disease are that children are the least protected category. They are unvaccinated, they are without masks in public places, all this puts children at risk of illness.

“These are signs of severe intoxication, which indicate that we are not facing an ordinary SARS. With such signs, you should immediately consult a doctor, ”the specialist noted about the causes of the above symptoms.

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Source: Tula News Service