A fake database with vaccination certificates has appeared on the Web

And non-working QR codesA database with 48 million vaccination certificates has appeared on the Internet. The state-owned company Rostelecom commented on this information.DiscussFake database with vaccination certificates appeared on the Web

STOP Coronavirus” were not lost – the generated certificate database contains the first letters of the full name, date of birth and the last four digits of the passport. But this data does not apply to personal data.

Also, Rostelecom clarified that the certificate database is invalid, because the QR codes published by hackers were selectively checked and their inoperability was confirmed.< /p>

The department noted that they would continue internal verification of the appearance of the certificate database on the darknet. And they said that user data is safe. showed that the published data was generated outside the system and is not relevant to the current user base of the application. After reports of information leakage, a selective check of QR codes was carried out and their inoperability was confirmed,” Rostelecom emphasized.

Source: Rostelecom