Google intends to stop using cookies in 2022


This will hit advertisersGoogle is determined to stop using cookies, despite the fact that this company is not only a search service, but also one of the most widespread advertising platforms in the world.DiscussGoogle intends to stop using cookies as early as 2022

The IT giant plans to refuse cookies as early as 2022 to ensure compliance with the new edition of European data protection law. It is clarified that cookies give advertisers and site owners the opportunity to understand when the user last visited the resource, his tastes, choices, visit history, etc.

If Google will indeed take such a step, there will be a revolution in the world of digital marketing – sellers of goods and services, as well as advertising merchants, will no longer be able to track user activity and form his “purchasing portrait”. All trading strategies will have to be reviewed, and one can only guess what this may lead to.

Source: Moskovsky Komsomolets