What dishes are better to refuse to unload the body after the holidays

This is fatty and fried foodDietologists Arina Tertyshnaya and Inna Kononenko told how to properly unload the body after the New Year's feast so as not to harm yourself. Discuss  Which dishes are better to refuse to unload the body after the holidays

According to Arina Tertyshnaya, it is better to give up yesterday's fatty salads, and give preference to leafy salads, as well as light protein – shrimp and lean fish. But in no case should you completely refuse to eat, because this can cause serious damage to the pancreas. If you feel heaviness in your stomach, you can buy magnesia water at the pharmacy.

She emphasized that unloading on the water should not be done, this is a “swing” for the gastrointestinal tract. “Especially at such moments, we take care of our pancreas, insulin, bile, intestines and in general our well-being,” the doctor said.

Inna Kononenko said that after the New Year it is better to eat raw or stewed vegetables, as well as meat or vegetable broths. She emphasized that these days it is worth drinking herbal teas and giving up coffee, especially the addition of milk to it. It is also worth giving up sweet, fatty and fried foods.

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Source: Channel Five