The doctor gave advice on nutrition to Russians who were vaccinated on the eve of the New Year

It should be protein foodDirector of the Gamaleya Center Alexander Gunzburg advised how best to eat people who were vaccinated against coronavirus on the eve of the New Year holidays. Discuss  The doctor gave nutritional advice to Russians vaccinated on New Year's Eve

According to him, the best food in this situation is protein-rich. First of all, meat and fish, they contain a lot of protein and amino acids that contribute to the production of antibodies.

“A protein diet has always contributed to a good immune response. In a vegetarian diet, there are fewer proteins and amino acids, and antibodies are made of amino acids, and there are a lot of them, so the more there are good amino acids, readily available, well-digested proteins – well-digestible meat, fish, of course, this will contribute to the formation of antibodies, “the scientist emphasized. .

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Source: TASS