The child was admitted to the hospital due to the virtual reality device from Facebook

His health is not in danger In England, a schoolboy after using a virtual reality helmet Oculus Quest 2 made by Oculus VR, owned by Facebook, was admitted to the hospital due to allergies. Such a reaction of the child's body was caused by the materials used in the helmet. Discuss  A child was admitted to hospital due to a virtual reality device from Facebook

As noted, the boy was given a helmet grandparents, after which he played in it all day. The next morning, the child woke up with reddened and swollen skin around the eyes. Later it became obvious that the boy was worse off, and his mother went to the hospital.

It turned out that the victim was allergic to the silicone from which the lining in the helmet is made. His mother found out that the problem was widespread and contacted the manufacturer. She was advised to forbid her son to use the device and was promised that they would contact her later for further investigation.

Source: Daily Star