In Russia came into force the law on preinstallation of “Yandex” on smartphones, computers and smart TV

But you can still choose a search engine to your likingToday – January 1. This means that many new laws come into force in Russia. One of them involves the mandatory installation of the search engine “Yandex” on smartphones, computers and smart TV. Discuss  In Russia, the law on preinstalling Yandex on smartphones, computers and smart TV came into force

In September 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers approved Yandex as the default search engine for gadgets sold in Russia. In addition, Yandex.Browser, MyOffice and Kaspersky Internet Security are included in the list of mandatory applications for computers.

The preinstallation rules are also specified in the government decree. The obligatory application must either be installed in full on the hard disk, or place an icon for downloading on the screen, or when the device is turned on for the first time, a window for downloading the program must be displayed. In this case, users will retain the right to independently choose a search engine.

As a reminder, on April 1, 2021, amendments entered into force in Russia, obliging to pre-install domestic applications on devices imported into the country.