How to prevent the spread of the omicron strain COVID-19


There is even an option with a third dose of vaccine The newest omicron strain COVID-19 has worried many. Not least because of its impressive infectivity against the background of previous mutations. Discuss  How to prevent the spread of the omicron strain of COVID-19

But how can humanity protect itself by preventing the spread of a new variety of coronavirus? The Italian professor of infectious diseases at the Rome Gemelli hospital, Roberto Cauda, ​​took up the answer to this question.

According to him, there are several methods of preventing the omicron strain of coronavirus infection. For example, wear masks, gloves, and maintain social distance. At the same time, a very important “point” is to increase the rate of vaccination of the population.

Roberto Cauda named the third dose of vaccine as one of the most effective methods. Allegedly, if you are vaccinated with it, then a strong immune response will be triggered in the human body, which can significantly help in curbing the spread of the new strain of COVID-19.

Source: Izvestia