This is the cheapest Mercedes SLK32 AMG from Marktplaats

This Designo Gold Yellow Mercedes SLK32 is the cheapest on Marktplaats.

In the mid-1990s, Mercedes came up with the SLK, internally referred to as the R170. Unlike the many other letter combinations of Das Haus, ‘SLK’ really for something, namely Sport Leicht Kurz. The car was Mercedes' way to take advantage of the popularity of these little roadsters in those days. The design dates from the early 1990s and was still overseen by supreme hero Bruno Sacco. Characteristic of the car was of course the steel folding roof. Later this became common in convertibles of all sorts, then it was a novelty for a mass product.

< p>Unlike many of its competitors, the SLK had no sporting pretensions. It was just a Mercedes, only relatively small. The purple trousers made it a point that the SLK was the spiritual successor to the legendary 190 SL. It also had, just like the SLK in the first instance, a four-cylinder engine under the hood. In addition, the wheelbase of the newcomer was exactly the same as that of his ancestor.

As mentioned, the available engines were initially only four-cylinder, ranging from a cowardly atmospheric 2.0 that was also in your grandfather's slow E200 to the mildly spicy 230 compressor. Later, thicker engines followed, just like the Z3 from competitor BMW. The SLK320 had an atmospheric V6 under the hood, but it became really special with the SLK32 AMG. It basically had the engine of the 320 in the front, only then equipped with a mechanical compressor.

In fact, the ’32 AMG’ Mercedes' somewhat simple answer to the S50B32 from BMW M GmbH. Where the techies at M GmbH using ‘premium’ technology such as double Vanos and a high compression ratio created a high-revving jewel, Mercedes didn't make that difficult. They just took the V6 out of the ‘320’ off the shelves and screwed on a compressor. The result may not be that fine-grained, but it is just as effective. In terms of character, the 354 hp power source even fits well with the R170. Cruising in comfort with the knowledge that you have ‘what about&8217; if needed…

The SLK also had disadvantages. This was the time when Mercs were already rusting away in the showroom. The car also has an interior that you would expect in a Chrysler rather than a Mercedes. Which is not surprising, because the interior was also in the epic Chrysler Crossfire. Secretly it's not all that bad and this is more of a collegiate stitch towards @machielvdd. The fact is, however, that the buttons sometimes peel off a bit.

This example on Marktplaats seems to look good. The car reportedly belonged to a German retiree who lived in Madrid. That explains the lack of rust. The interior also doesn't look bad at all, although there is nowhere zoomed in enough to judge it. The color is special about the car. This is Designo Gold Yellow.

According to the seller, there are five SLK32's in this shade that is somewhat reminiscent of BMW's Phoenix Yellow. With 121,455 kilometers on the clock, the Merc has just been run in. The asking price is 22,450 Euros. That is not little, but we do not think it is necessarily wrong for this rather special German youngtimer. Then buy?