This is the cheapest BMW Z4 from Marktplaats

Z4 Marktplaats

This is the cheapest BMW Z4 from Marktplaats. Then buy!!1!

The BMW Z4 was launched in 2003 as a direct successor to the BMW Z3. Or well, that's actually not quite true. The Z4 was deliberately put a bit higher in the market than the Z3. The latter was sold well, but never really taken for granted by 'real enthusiasts'. Not even after none other than James Bond used the car as convenient transportation for Cuban dirt roads in Goldeneye.


The Z3 was therefore a relatively cheaply built car, with many parts from BMW's already existing parts bin. The car was also just cheap to buy for a real BMW roadster, especially with the four-cylinder engine that was initially delivered. Later, the six-in-line was added, including the M model, as well as the legendary coupé. But the image of the Z3 was already determined by then.


BMW had thought that the Z4 should be a slightly more serious driving iron. The car was still made in 'Murica, which you could see in the interior. But underneath there was little to complain about. The bump-the-bump rear axle of the Z3 was replaced with a multilink setup. The engines were initially only six-cylinder. The setting was a lot tighter. Too punishing even according to many, also thanks to the run flat tires.



Chris Bangle's bodywork wasn't everyone's cup of tea. Personally, though, I dig it. In any case, it is a design that still looks interesting today. Nice details are the baaaaaaaaaadge on the round side indicator and in the pre-lift version the cleverly designed rear light.



Although you should never buy a convertible in the summer (does that count if it rains continuously?), we took a look at the cheapest BMW Z4 on Marketplace. We see that the bottom prices have hardly fallen in recent years. Perhaps in that respect it is not the smartest to go for the cheapest with a lot of miles behind you. But loyal readers know: we are fans of taking a gamble on a questionable Bimmer with six-in-line. With an asking price of 6,450 Euro, it is even cheaper than our Einser. So be like us and KOOOOOOOOOP DANNNN!!1!