Created a composite material that can camouflages in extreme temperatures


As the publication of Scientific Reports, a team of scientists from Nottinghamshire University (UK) is currently developing a unique material that can cool itself without any auxiliary elements. As acknowledged by the authors, the new material can be used in virtually any field: from medicine to treat burns and to the space industry, where it can be used to counteract the thermal effects at the entrance into the atmosphere.

The unique properties of the composite material due to the fact that within it are micro-channels with a cooling liquid, which responds to the temperature increase.

“The main goal in designing this material was to get him to respond to the temperature change also this makes the human body.” — said the author of mark Olson.

The material itself is composed of 2 layers of organic glass. They both “lined” with a laser in such a way that they obtained by the pattern of microscopic channels. This ensures the creation of places for circulation of fluid about as well as it occurs in our body with the help of a capillary grid. In addition, the material is capable of measuring the temperature on its surface and to cool down only in those places where it is needed at the moment.

“Nature uses liquid in order to adjust the temperature. Our model actually replicates this scheme. This approach will lead to the creation of a completely new type of materials, can equally as efficiently absorb solar radiation or to mitigate the impact of high temperature during entry into the atmosphere and cooling the surface of the skin for burns.”

In addition, the authors say that the allotted heat can be used for energy. For example, warm fluid circulates, may transfer heat to special tanks where it can be converted into electrical energy or any other.

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