Driven: first Bicycle without chains


Sometimes engineering can get to the fact that she will be subjected to changes without what, it would seem impossible to imagine operation of the device. For example, we are all accustomed to the fact that the bike is driven by a chain. However, engineers from the company CeramicSpeed presented a vehicle which uses a fundamentally different design.

The original bike created by Danish manufacturer podshipnikov, pulleys and brakes CeramicSpeed together with specialists from the faculty of engineering of the University of Colorado. The bike got the name Driven.

Instead of chain Driven using shaft of adjustable length, the system 21 includes the bearing and gear. The bike has 13 programs, each of which is designed not only for set different speed and for different tasks like overcoming a sandy place or drive in the mountains.

As the developers say, the gross transfer creates 49% less friction and generally shows much more energy efficient than a chain. Presents the bike is still a prototype and its design will be further developed. In particular, engineers want to focus on the new gross system of gears. Thus Driven already received the award The Eurobike Award. Its release date currently remains unknown.

Driven: first Bicycle without chains
Vladimir Kuznetsov