The blockchain and the AI will be used to search for underwater treasure

Startup of Deepwater Systems from Ecuador presented the project with application of technologies of artificial intelligence and the distributed registry to search for underwater treasure and sunken ships — Forklog reports with reference to representatives of the company.

“The biggest treasure the sea is the Caribbean sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the so-called “Golden Triangle of Treasures”. Without regard to the value of historical relics, the value of sunken treasure there are estimated trillions of dollars”, — quotes the portal of the press-service Deepwater Systems.

But despite the fact that the search and recovery of treasure are very attractive to investors and businessmen, the development of this profitable business continues to “slip” due to obsolete methods of conducting deep-sea research. Often people involved in the search for the sunken ships continue to rely on modern methods, and the theories, legends, outdated historical reference or luck. Instead of these time-tested, but not always effective ways a company Deepwater Systems offers the use of unmanned underwater vehicles, the blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Created by experts in the startup’s technology allows with high accuracy to analyze from underwater unmanned gliders data. The neural network is trained independently, eventually acquiring the ability to better recognize underwater objects with almost absolute accuracy. Available information the company plans to sell, because the exact coordinates with deposits of jewels and other underwater valuables may cost a lot of money.

Gliders are smart enough to avoid collisions with each other or go in case of danger. Moreover, all data obtained by the drones is expected orderly stored in the system created on the basis of technology of the distributed registry — this will allow to avoid losing or altering the data.

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The blockchain and the AI will be used to search for underwater treasure
Vyacheslav Larionov