Why not a personalized licence plates in the Netherlands?


Why not a personalized licence plates in the Netherlands?

Posted on 14-08-2014 at 21:30 by JordyS – 36 Comments”

Renault Megane met opvallend kenteken
Belgium earn big money on personalised number plates, while Dutch drivers on a bat bite. What is correct here?

Car owners should for our government for years as an excellent dairy cow. Road tolls, parking fees, and excise taxes bring in billions in the coffers and will come in handy if there is somewhere a tekortje poem should be. Rutte and his ministers nevertheless an important opportunity to autorijdend the Netherlands still has a leg to run: the personalized license plate.

We need but briefly to our neighbours to look to see what a striking plate can yield. There marshmallows kentekencreatievelingen for years the state’s coffers by $ 1,000 to put down for a letter and digit combination of your choice. This years requirements were relaxed and exchanged again 3.993 Belgians of license plate. Counts you? That resulted in the state about four million euros.

Possible scare our representatives after the reading of those figures is still awake, but that chance is not so great. Our vehicle registration system seems far from that of the Belgians. They have a personal plate, while we have to do with the badges that are already on the bumpers of our cars sit.

The transition to a new, personal vehicle registration system will take probably many years to complete, and will in the first instance, tons of money costs. The latter, especially, will in 2014 be a problem, because The Hague must pull out all the stops for the budget, but also a bit difficult to get.

Also, the administrative burden is likely not to be overlooked, because in the Netherlands the complete history of a car license plate is linked. This is not just if your MOT has not yet expired, but also to any outstanding fan of the CJIB or road. This should take a what go wrong, as it turned out, also in Belgium.

Despite these potential drawbacks are, among others, D66 (12 seats) and SGP (3 seats) in the personal license plates, so leave it to Autoblog to know. All we can so imagine the last a number of sensitive combinations on the black list will want to convert. Also the VVD had in the past appear to be something in the idea, but the other parties keep it on silence.

May the all-knowing Autoblog-audience clarity: that should be a personalized license plate for us or is it all just a load of nonsense?