Renntech S63 AMG has more hp than the S65


Renntech S63 AMG has more hp than the S65

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S63 AMG by Renntech
A matte tan, black rims, a big star in the grill and bloedjesnel.

That is the Mercedes-AMG S63 addressed by Renntech in the short. The tuner provided the S-class more power than its V12 brother. The 5.5 biturbo V8 now delivers 708 hp and 1.138 Nm of torque. In addition, the AMG by Renntech designed achterspoilert and was the Merc a dark suit fitted. There was also a new exhaust system fitted with electronic controlled valves.

The car is equipped with a matt-grey twist, in combination with the dark rear lights and black logos. Only the yellow brake calipers give it a little color. Unfortunately Renntech no new performance free. A regular S63 4Matic with 575 hp sprint in 3.9 seconds to 100 km/h. Prices of this package are also not published.

Gallery: Renntech S63 AMG

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