Gigi Hadid: on a new BMW bike you need to learn


Gigi Hadid: on a new BMW bike you need to learn

Posted on 18-04-2016 at 13:10 by CasperH – 50 Comments”

BMW M2 Gigi Hadid en een fiets
In the category marketinggezeik and baked PR we have for you today: supermodel Gigi Hadid, and a bike.

The press releases from BMW today easier than that there are penalty’s will be given away to Ajax. The BMW M2 has to be sold and so everything from the closet. Of a new bicycle to a fashion model. We start but with the bike.

BMW M Cruise Limited Edition fiets
Because if you have a BMW M2 is just too pricey to find, you can always still for the BMW Cruise M Bike-Limited Edition. A tribute to the sporty coupé, performed in Long Beach Blue Metallic, one of the four color options on the M2. The bike has according to BMW, “like the M2 over excellent row-properties”, moreover it is a limited edition: there will not be more than 1500 pieces made. Ready for 28 inch, a carbon seatpost and 30 gears? For €1400 euro is the bike to get at a select number of outlets.

Gallery: BMW Cruise M Bike-Limited Edition

image bmw-cruise-m-bike-1.jpg
image bmw-cruise-m-bike-2.jpg
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image bmw-cruise-m-bike-4.jpg

BMW M2 Gigi Hadid
The interesting part of this article: Gigi Hadid. We have already seen some videos in the past, but the photos are also fine. For on your desktop for example. Or for above your bed.

Gallery: BMW M2 Gigi Hadid

image Gigi-Hadid-BMW-M2-001.jpg
image Gigi-Hadid-BMW-M2-002.jpg
image Gigi-Hadid-BMW-M2-003.jpg
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