Voilà: the Borgward Project BX6 TS and BX5


Voilà: the Borgward Project BX6 TS and BX5

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Dit zijn de Borgward Projekt BX6 TS en BX5
The once-renowned German car manufacturer is planning a return to the world stage. These SUV’s have the brand help.

After the unveiling of the BX7 at the IAA last year, throws Borgward two new balls in the form of the Project BX6 and BX5. You guessed it already: they are under the aforementioned BX7 positioned. The BX5 -4,48 m long – is according to the brand itself, as well as ready. This cart gets a PHEV-powertrain with an output of a total of 258 hp.

The two inches longer Project BX6 TS (“Exceptionally sporty”) explains clearly more emphasis on sporting abilities and he has a bit of a centenbak. For these aspirations to underline also this car is a PHEV, but one with a total of 422 horsepower at all four wheels. Now we’re talking! If and when we get these cars in modified form on the European roads and showrooms can expect, it is currently not known.

Gallery: Borgward BX5 Project BX6 TS 2016

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