Carlos Sainz also outperforms Max Verstappen off

Carlos Sainz also outperforms Max Verstappen off

Posted on 29-07-2015 at 13:55 by sir_smokalot – 56 Comments”

Soy número uno, cabrón!
Max may 22 championship may be generously presented to his Spanish teammaatje (he has 9 points), at another level, blows Sainz Max out of the water.

The Iberian Toro Rosso driver takes from the whole field, the absolute record in number of times he is overtaken. Sainz saw during the races this year, a whopping 32 times a competitor come alongside, which he according to the German Bild ‘the biggest hurdle’ in the F1.

Or Sainz so happy with this record is still the question of a goalie in a soccer league the most passed over is screaming this from the rooftops, but a comparison to draw.

And so you can be a statistiekje of making: that of the ‘biggest danger for the medecoureurs’ is firmly in the hands of Pastor Maldonado (followed by Taki Inoue), Nigel Mansell has the biggest eyebrows, Seb Vettel takes the record for vingerwapperen, and Lewis Hamilton for ‘longest lament on the radio’. Kimi were times, however, has the ultimate record ‘radio silence’ in possession. Anyone have other suggestions for a record that we have forgotten?

P. S. Would Olav also a hard of wkrijgen?