Dead to intervene occupancy reserve USA

wed, 27 jan 2016, 07:20

Dead to intervene occupancy reserve USA


The arrest of a group of occupants of a headquarters of a wildlife reserve in the American state of Oregon is Tuesday (local time) out of hand. There came a shooting, when the police a traffic management held near the park. According to CNN fell a dead and a wounded.

Photo: AP

The leader of the protest, Ammon Bundy, was arrested. That happened when he was in his car and was on his way to a meeting where he is the guest speaker would occur. He was stopped by the police, and then the confrontation came. Who opened fire is not known. Also, five other protesters were detained, reports CNN.

Since the beginning of January occupied a group of armed demonstrators from the government building in Oregon. They are quarreling with the government over possession of land in the region. Specifically, it is the anger directed against the conviction of two farmers that in 2012 their country afbrandden as a preventive measure against forest fires. On appeal, they were given higher prison sentences.

Initially, the police, the activists go on their way. They indicated not to have the intention to use violence. Agents followed the occupation from a distance. However, the occupiers called way to go. It gave them no answer. Last week found governor Kate Brown enough of it. She said that she had had enough of the protest, that in her eyes, a spectacle of lawlessness” was.