UAZ-452: if Chuck Norris car was

UAZ-452: if Chuck Norris car was

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Forget about the Toyota Hilux. This is the car that is invincible, the car that nuclear disasters can survive, even under the most extreme circumstances, is still working and is so good that they him, since 1965 virtually unchanged building in Russia.

Get in your car and drive in an Easterly direction. The first 2000 km you will come probably no UAZ-452, but suddenly you see one drive. Keep driving towards the East and slowly get you more and more. Turn in the direction of Verkhoyansk in Siberia, where this time of the year, an average of -45 degrees Celsius, and UAZ’and get the upper hand. Verkhoyansk, you will not get your drive itself is not in a UAZ-452.

Uaz 450

Yes, the UAZ-452 is the car to Siberia to cross (only other option is a Ural truck) and has been since 1965. When it became the UAZ-450 (1958-1966, picture above), followed by the van that the Russians affectionately Bukhanka (‘the roll’). Why? Because the car, its shape is a bit like a uncut very whole grain bread. Therefore. In pick-up version called the Russians to him as ‘the tadpole’, further explanation is unnecessary. As so often in Russian cars to find the design origin in the United States, in the Jeep Forward Control. This van is on a Jeep chassis from 1956 would be the inspiration for the UAZ-450 and, later, the 452.

Uaz Chassis

The base is formed by a chassis that is derived from the GAZ-69 terrain vehicle (1953-1972). On top of that there is a quizzical-looking body, which since its introduction in 1965 only other lamps and mirrors got, but otherwise remains unchanged to this day today. In the first instance, there was a 2.4 litre four-cylinder engine with 78 horsepower under the hood, good for 95 km/h. Not impressive numbers, perhaps, but an engine that always wanted to start also on petrol with octane rating of 72!- and smoothly for days in a row could continue to walk. That must be so, because the Siberian winters it is at some places so cold, that you your car day and night must be running in order to prevent the gas in the pipes freezes.

Today, the old four-cylinder has been replaced for a more modern version 2.7 with injection. ‘Modern zestienkleps engine that meets the Euro IV regulations,’ writes UAZ proud in the folder (click!) of the 452. The power is increased up to 112 hp, the torque is just under 200 Nm. Switch over to the single drive on the rear wheels and you have a number of kilometres of straight asphalt in front of you, then you have a chance the top speed of 115 kilometers per hour. Totally irrelevant of course, because this UAZ ” and are not intended for asphalt. That is for pussies.

UAZ 452

Spartan takes on a new meaning in the interior of the UAZ. Chairs, a steering wheel, three pedals, a lever and some essential basic. Thats is. Isolated is between the front seats placed block barely that is only a waste of the excess heat that the engine produces. Some options are the eight body styles, and some special performances for the emergency services and the army.

A true successor to the UAZ-452 never received it. Alternatives, the inhabitants of Siberia hardly can UAZ the van just continue to produce and sell. Eat that, Defender!

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