Brabus stuffs 400-hp in the Mercedes A45 AMG

Brabus stuffs 400-hp in the Mercedes A45 AMG

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Brabus propt 400 pk in Mercedes' A45 AMG
That is 200 hp per liter. What can still go wrong?

The day after the unveiling of the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG by Brabus will be hatchbackbroer by the German tuner on the rack. By the Brabus Power Xtra ECU kit increases the power in the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine of 360 hp to 400 hp. The torque climbs by the software amendment of 460 Nm to 500 Nm. It gives the four-wheel drive (4MATIC) hatchback acceleration you 10 years ago, never in a car of this stature would expect. As to the 100-fold now in 4.2 seconds, 0.4 seconds faster than the original.

On the bold ‘B’ in the grille after are the external adjustments are pretty subtle, remained unchanged. Bumperlip, diffuser, two-tone monoblockvelgen and a roof spoiler. The famous Brabus-recipe.

There is also a tuner who dares even more peekaa that poor viercilindertje to attract. McChip gives to 450 hp.

Gallery: Brabus Mercedes A45 AMG

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