Bombs of yesteryear: Talbot Sunbeam-Lotus


Bombs of yesteryear: Talbot Sunbeam-Lotus

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Talbot Sunbeam-Lotus
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Yes, of course you know this yet. Certainly the readers among us who’ve been around a bit longer than today, forgive me if I told you what old let feel. It was 1977 when the Sunbeam came on the market. A car with many faces, which is also diverse blood with carried. Names such as Chrysler, PSA and of course Lotus went hand in hand with the model. That last combination we tackle tonight. The Talbot Sunbeam-Lotus.

The Sunbeam was, under the name of Chrysler, originally supplied with a 0.9, 1.3 and 1.6 engine. Later, when the European branch of Chrysler was taken over by PSA, the new model was given the name Talbot Sunbeam. The model was produced in the years 1977 to 1981. Chrysler wanted a hotter version of the model, but had the technology not in the house. It was Des O’Dell (R. I. P) who is responsible for the creation of the cooperation between Lotus and Chrysler/PSA. With a Lotus engine was the Sunbeam the battle with the Vauxhall HS Chevettes and Ford RS Escorts. Two very popular cars of that time where the Ford is best known for enjoyed by achieved fame in the rally world.

Talbot Sunbeam in rally-trim

In 1979, the fantastic hot hatch on the market. Literally a rally-gun for on the street. In the above race trim was the 2.4 four cylinder engine of the Lotus good for 250 hp. In straatkloffie got the Sunbeam “only” 152 horsepower. Know: the car weighed a minimum of 960 kg. It is thick, 150 hp suddenly a lot. The sporty hatch was in 7.4 seconds to 96 km/h and the top speed was 195 km/h. Not bad at all. The distinctive character of the car was in the drive. The hot hatch sent all its power to the rear wheels, which made for the better throw and smijtwerk. The rally adventure was not without success. The Sunbeam-Lotus, between 1979 and 1982 participated in several international rallykampioenschappen and knew in 1981 the world championships to win.

The car has received over the years a icoonstatus know to build. Copies are on auctions with different amounts sold. Last year, on a two-day auction in England converted over 68.000 euro consideration for a Sunbeam-Lotus. A lot of money for a car where a layman the difference will not be between an Opel Corsa from ’91 or the special Brit. The enthusiast knows better. Of course, with a car like this some images. Therefore, Check the test of Tiff Needell in an old Top Gear episode from 2000, and in the video below.

Tiff Needell over de Sunbeam-Lotus