Volvo S60 T6 Polestar for the Australian kit


Volvo S60 T6 Polestar for the Australian kit

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Volvo S60 Polestar in poltieuniform
And then not a day for the show such as with the Dutch Veyron, but just as a full-time acting vehicle. About politiecruisers with 350 hp can the Dutch agent only dream, well arranged there in ‘Straya!

In Australia driving is not only thick manhattan motel and FPV’s, it is also the place where Volvo with thick V8 touring cars ride (still) and where the Volvo S60 Polestar first launched.

This band with the huge island will get extra attention now that the federal police a copy of the quick S60 to its fleet has allowed to add. It is undoubtedly fabulous, and you are also protected against fools who do not sit on to watch out for.

Would the ibahesh down under the Vmax equally tested on their unlimited stretch of motorway?

Gallery: Volvo S60 Polestar Police Car

image Volvo-S60-PS-gnesh-001.jpg
image Volvo-S60-PS-gnesh-002.jpg
image Volvo-S60-PS-gnesh-003.jpg

Gallery: Volvo S60 Polestar production

image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-001.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-002.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-003.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-004.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-005.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-006.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-007.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-008.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-009.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-010.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-011.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-012.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-013.jpg
image volvo-s60-polestar-2013-014.jpg

Gallery: Volvo S60 Polestar

image Volvo-S60-Polestar-10.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-11.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-12.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-13.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-14.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-15.jpg
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image Volvo-S60-Polestar-17.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-18.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-19.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-20.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-21.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-22.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-23.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-24.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-25.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-26.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-27.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-29.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-30.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-31.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-32.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-33.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-34.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-35.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-37.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-38.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-39.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-41.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-42.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-43.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-44.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-45.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-46.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-47.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-48.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-49.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-50.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-51.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-52.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-53.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-54.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-56.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-57.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-58.jpg
image Volvo-S60-Polestar-59.jpg
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