“Volkswagen says goodbye to Das Auto”


“Volkswagen says goodbye to Das Auto”

Posted on 22-12-2015 at 15:01 by rubenpriest – 30 Comments”

Zo gaat Volkswagen fraude te lijf
Das Auto is now no more. With a reorganization includes a new motto, according to VAG.

To continue with a clean slate will be ‘Das Auto’ retired be sent. The current slogan since 2007. A spokesman explains Das Auto not dead yet, but says that we have the motto in future campaigns of Volkswagen not coming back need to expect.

What is the new filler of Volkswagen is still not known. According to the spokesman the slogan globally in time be rolled out. One of the main reasons for a new name, is that Das Auto was used when Winterkorn the VW chief. Although the ex-boss, another year on the payroll of VW will continue to stand, want the Germans to the outside world‘, the new Volkswagen’ present.

All of this, to the sales figures back up to boost confidence among the consumers.