This bizarre P1 combo will make you drool


This bizarre P1 combo will make you drool

Posted on 08-10-2015 at 21:20 by rubenpriest – 30 Comments”

On a fuifje that was organised by McLaren Newport Beach from California and appeared a lot of exclusive stuff. The group given the most attention? Five uber cars in the corner by the white wall.

Public supercar parties are fun. You will get the chance to see beautiful cars at each other to see to make then nice and loose to go with your slr. Next to the Lambo’s and a few stray Ferrari or Porsche, the mclaren’s in the upper hand. At the invitation of the dealer came five P1 owners langswippen. The hypercars were in a regular jacket dressed up, on one after. This particular model was decked out in a combinatiekleur of blue, purple, pink, and orange. From every angle saw the special P1 will be different. On the photo you can see four models together will be parked. Number five had some alone-time.

In addition to the P1 combo, there was also a special 650S Le Mans Edition. The car, which is a tribute to the F1 GTR from 1995, was built in a limited edition of 50 pieces. All the supercars and detailshots of the cars you can see in the megagallery below! (via McLaren Newport Beach)

Gallery: McLaren Newport meeting

image McLaren-Newport-meeting-1.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-10.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-11.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-12.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-13.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-14.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-15.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-16.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-17.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-18.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-19.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-2.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-20.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-21.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-22.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-23.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-24.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-25.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-26.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-27.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-28.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-29.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-3.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-30.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-31.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-32.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-33.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-34.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-35.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-36.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-37.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-38.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-39.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-4.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-40.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-41.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-42.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-43.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-44.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-45.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-46.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-47.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-48.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-49.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-5.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-50.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-51.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-52.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-53.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-54.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-55.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-56.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-57.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-58.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-59.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-6.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-60.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-61.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-62.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-63.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-64.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-7.jpg
image McLaren-Newport-meeting-8.jpg
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