Nissan’s Le Mans dream fails, GT-R Nismo LM may museum in


Nissan’s Le Mans dream fails, GT-R Nismo LM may museum in

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Nissan GT-R Nismo LM
It was as brutal as daring: with a radically different concept in an attempt of the established order, to attack. How cool I the LMP1 car from Nissan also find, very quickly proved he was not. And really fast also not be concluded Nissan and so goes the power plug from the project.

It was the most amazing serious entry for the Le Mans race since Audi decided to switch to diesel engines. Nissan put the engine to the driver, and went the extra wide front wheels drive. The narrower rear wheels were driven by an electric motor. At least, that was the plan.

During the first tests on the Circuit de la Sarthe showed that the hybrid system is not working well and so were the Nissans at the start with only front wheel drive and a bake less power. That resulted in a 25 seconds slower lap times. How much that saves after 24 hours of driving? No idea, none of the three cars brought out the finish of the Nissan gehoofdsponsorde, signalling the return of. Ouch.

Earlier there were rumors about whether or not to blow off the whole project, but for the moment it seemed like Nissan plans for next year the largest part of the WEC series. Only for the first two races had Nissan been cancelled, so as to have more time to have the car competitive. They are, however, now come to the conclusion that the car is not fast enough, how hard they are to tinker and how many times they have him also brush. And so goes the plug out, so that they can focus on future raceprojecten, according to the press release.

Eternal sin, because I would have liked to see the guts of Nissan rewarded with a fine performance. But it was not to be and the Nissan GT-R Nismo LM allowed the museum as an example for how not to do it.

Gallery: Nissan GT-R LM Nismo 2015

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