French secret service occurred again attempt


di 22 feb 2015, 18:19

French secret service occurred again attempt


The French secret service DGSI has a terrorist conspiracy in Orleans rolled up. Two men of 20 and 24 years Saturday in Orléans arrested. A third suspicious that the plotters would lead, is a jihadist in Syria. This has the French Interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, on Tuesday to visit in the South of france, Toulouse said, according to French media.

De Franse minister Cazeneuve

The French minister Cazeneuve
Photo: Reuters

It is according to the minister the tenth time in two years that the service DGSI (General Directorate for Domestic Security), a terrorist attack thwarts. The two suspects from Orléans have known to have money collected for their plan and that they are weapons going to buy. They had apparently still no target selected, but they spoke about a barracks of the military or the police.

Since december 2010, the EU estimated that more than 180 deaths in terrorist attacks from jihadists. Thereof was 90 percent in France, to life, the most last month in Paris.