Well, well: Chinese people to build neat looking SUV


Well, well: Chinese people to build neat looking SUV

Posted on 27-10-2015 at 16:13 by sir_smokalot – 27 Comments”

Take the sharp lines of the Evoque with a large dash of Korean SUV, and then you get this: Bo Yue, Volvo’s parent company Geely.

When we here at Autoblog Chinese product treat, then it is nine times out of ten, a shameless cheap copy of a western model. This Bo Yue has said, however, clear tendencies of existing designs, but yet we do not immediately have the thought that he best thrives on a pyre or in a car press. It is up to the reader whether they agree or disagree.

The Bo Yue is sold by Geely’s sub-brand Emgrand, em is clearly identifiable as such to his grille. Modern ‘ie also, because he will get anyway Apple Carplay. Plans for him here on the market are not there yet, which is no great loss, but on the other hand, there was this SUV a lot less straatbeeldverontreinigend than, for instance, this Landwind-monstrosity of pisbakkenstaal.

Gallery: Geely Emgrand Bo Yue

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