This has Ford’s new GT with your smartphone in common [video]


This has Ford’s new GT with your smartphone in common

Posted on 16-12-2015 at 15:11 by sir_smokalot – 2 Comments”

Ford GT
Hint: it is not the li-ion battery.

Ford has announced that for the third generation of the GT one with Gorillaglas reinforced windscreen to develop. Gorilla Glass is, as yet, known only as protection for the screen of smartphones, and BMW used the i8 for the separation between the cockpit and the engine compartment, but Ford is the first manufacturer to be that extra tough glass on a window apply.

Given the high costs and practical difficulties of pure Gorilla Glass is the windshield is two layers of normal glass with here in between the expensive strong stuff. An advantage over traditional glass is that you have the way of weight saving (30%), a thinner windshield, and a (minimal) reduction of your center of gravity causes. The expensive piece of glass was developed in collaboration with Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass.

A video with explanation you can find here, and in this video you can see how the glass is being bombarded with hailstones the size of a reuzenbonk. It would also be a hakbijl stop?


Farewell, dear kijkbuisreaguurders

With this mail I, the undersigned, the light is off and I take after almost 10 years Autoblog farewell of you. It was a true pleasure to all the sense and nonsense, taalgrapjes, dashcamvideo’s, and in-depth analyses down to pens and with you to exchange thoughts and ideas about all sorts of topics, but there is a time of coming and a time of.

Therefore, I decided my life-long dream fulfilled: the start of a Alpacaboerderij in Central Switzerland, together with my BFF Cor Baltus.

All the best to you!