LG introduced besprovodnye Soundbar and audio system X-Boom to CES 2016


LG Electronics announced a line of saundbarov and HiFi X-Boom Music Flow ecosystem. She’s going to show these new products at the upcoming CES 2016, which will be held from 6 to 9 January in Las Vegas.

Soundbar LG models SH8, SH6 and SH7. All of them are equipped with wireless subwoofers. While LG SH6 consists of six independent speakers. Supported wireless connection Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and technologies such as Google Cast and Auto Music Play.

Speaker system LG X-Boom Solo (OM7560 and OM5560) and CM9960 is a versatile entertainment solution for parties with DJ functions. They provide powerful sound and wireless capabilities. The arm Party starts Thruster multicolored lights, a mode of operation which is synchronized with the sound.