Suitable punishment: police cars wash


Suitable punishment: police cars wash

Posted on 26-11-2015 to 11:00 pm by CasperH – 41 Comments”

Politieauto wassen is passende straf
A bunch of guys, who last week were filmed while they are on a police car were dancing, have a suitable punishment.

The lords had, in addition to paying a fine for baldadigheid (the fine amount must be determined by the Officer of Justice), yesterday also show up on the desk Vlaardingen. There, they had police cars washing. Under the contemptuous gazes of agents cars brushing in the cold, we find it to be a good reprisal.

The police car ran no further damage in the incident. A great happiness for the perpetrators, which was filmed and on the basis of the images could be held. The policemen in the car heard at the time of the dance engaged in a (ultimately successful) resuscitation.

The police cars in Vlaardingen were never so clean! Let’s just hope that wash your car in Vlaardingen on the street is allowed, because in some municipalities, that is also forbidden…